MasterChef Finals Week

MasterChef Finals Week

the final week of Masterchef Professionals kicks off as the top 6 get chopped down to three ahead of next Sunday’s finale

Sunday 10 March, 7.30pm
Luxury Mystery Box
Welcome to finals week and our top six contestants are faced with a mystery box challenge. They lift the lids to reveal an array of fine dining ingredients: caviar, vintage champagne, abalone, white truffles and chocolate. With just one hour to create a dish, the contestants are out to impress. The contestant with the least impressive dish will leave the competition.

Monday 11 March, 7.30pm
Pressure test
The heat is on as guest chef Peter Gilmore joins Matt and Marco for tonight’s pressure test. The man behind the legendary snow egg dessert and the eight textured chocolate cake has returned with a dish from his highly awarded restaurant Quay. There are just three hours on the clock in which to replicate Peter’s fragrant poached chicken. One contestant will fail to impress the judges with this technical and complicated dish and be sent home.

Tuesday 12 March, 7.30pm
Offsite Challenge, Pop Up Restaurant
It’s the last challenge of finals week as the top four split into two teams to create their own pop up restaurants. Each restaurant must cater for 60 diners. The two teams need to pick a theme for their restaurant, design their dining rooms and create a stunning three course meal, consisting of two entrees, two mains and one dessert. The stakes are high as the four contestants fight for their place in the finale, but for one, their ride comes to an end. Who will be the final three in the running to take home the MasterChef: The Professionals crown?

7.30pm Sunday, Monday and Tuesday on TEN.

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