Neighbours Kicks-Off Finale Week

Neighbours Kicks-Off Finale Week

The end of an era is approaching, but the drama isn’t slowing down in Erinsborough just yet.

When we checked out of Erinsborough on Thursday, the Kennedy family was reeling with the news that Malcolm (Benji McNair) and Izzy (Natalie Bassingthwaight) were now an item, with Izzy going so far as to tell Susan (Jackie Woodburne) that she hopes to be able to call her mum one day. But it’s clear that Susan isn’t going stand for this relationship to continue.

Adamant that Izzy has a hidden agenda, Susan is determined to find out what is it. But neither Karl (Alan Fletcher) nor Toadie (Ryan Moloney) can catch a glimpse of it. When Izzy later reveals to Karl that she want to make a dream of Mal’s come true but requires Karl’s assistance, Karl is once again faced with an Izzy-sized dilemma in his life.

Meanwhile, Nicolette (Charlotte Chimes) is playing it so cool with Kiri (Gemma Bird Matheson) that she’s practically ice. Wanting to crack her cool exterior, Kiri organises a couples trip back to River Bend to get the romantic vibes going again. But Nicolette’s nerves hold her back. Is she about to blow things with Kiri for good?

Elsewhere, Clive (Geoff Paine) and Jane (Annie Jones) are in a tough spot following his revelation about Danielle. Will some honesty see the pair reunite, or is this game over?

At Lassiter’s, Paul (Stefan Dennis) is positive about accepting Shane’s (Peter O’Brien) offer to buy half of the hotel, suggesting they play a game of Blackjack for old time’s sake. Shane goes along with it, but having recently caught up with Tim Collins (Ben Anderson), he’s sitting on a mountain of damning research on Paul that has changed his opinion on one of his oldest friends. Will Shane’s counter offer during a game of Blackjack be agreed on, and just how will Paul react?

And Chloe (April Rose Pengilly) returns from Adelaide with some surprising news and a familiar face in tow. What bomb is Chloe about to drop on her friends a family?

In what is the show’s final week, Holly Tosi, Rene Zandveld and Paul Gartside get the ball rolling on this history-making week. With spectacular performances, surprise returns and unexpected plot twists, it’s a week not to be missed.

Ramsay Street has save its best for last, and emotions will be running high as we hurtle towards the final episode.

Neighbours airs 6:30pm Monday-Wednesday on 10Peach, with 90-minute episodes commencing today. The final 90-minute episode will be simulcast on 10 and 10Peach from 7:30pm Thursday 28 July.


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