Beauty and The Geek Dog Obstacle eliminates

Beauty and The Geek Dog Obstacle eliminates

Despite Michael and Tara’s ongoing connection, they’re yet to kiss. But Michael is adamant that if they win some more one-on-one time he will muster enough courage to seal the deal. Similarly across the hall, Mike is pining over his beauty Heidi as they have a chat. They can’t wait for the opportunity for a date.

Today’s challenge is a dog agility course and the top two couples will win a date or a makeover, while the bottom two will find themselves in the elimination. Aaron is particularly daunted by the challenge – he has a lifelong phobia of dogs. 

Sophie is well experienced in dog agility, having trained her own dogs for years. But her overconfident self gets the better of her and she spends the entire course chasing her dog and tripping over. Up next is Aaron and Karly, but Aaron has a freak-out and leaves the arena. Ever the loyal teammate, Karly encourages him back to give it a go. And Aaron does the course brilliantly – until the dog falls off an obstacle. Bri and Chris follow. After a long-winded introduction from commentator Chris, Bri is effortlessly fantastic with her dog. Sophie announces the winners – Heidi and Mike for the date and Chris and Bri for the makeover.

This date is a huge deal for Heidi – it’s her first one ever. Mike has prepared the most romantic fine dining experience for her, everything Heidi has dreamed and hoped for. He reads a beautiful love letter and soon the loved-up pair find themselves slow dancing. Mike ponders if this is the moment to kiss his beauty, but Heidi beats him to the punch to excitedly kiss her geek.

Across town, Bri gives Chris one final pep talk before his makeover. Chris reveals he has struggled with his self-worth after spending his twenties obsessed with card games and never learning how to socialise properly. So he throws himself into the styling masterclass and is ready for the new Chris to emerge.

The mixer begins, and Aaron has his own transformation on his mind. He attended one of Sophie’s masterclasses on how to speak to women a short while ago and wants to put her teaching into practice. He manoeuvres a positive and deep chat with Emily, who in turn opens up about her own insecurities and how far she has come in this experience too.

Mike and Heidi return from their date holding hands. Meanwhile, they all can’t wait to see the new Chris. He emerges to rapturous applause from his friends. Bri sobs as they hug. Chris says that internally, after this makeover, he feels like he finally can start believing in his own self-worth.

Sophie then announces the bottom two: Alex and Sophie and Emily and Jason. After a hard-fought three-round elimination quiz, it’s time for Alex and Sophie to leave.


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