Neighbours Gives Closure For Popular Couple

Neighbours Gives Closure For Popular Couple

Tonight, Neighbours finally ties up one its most popular plotlines with a return no one was expecting.

Following on from a successful morning tea with her daughter Nicolette (Charlotte Chimes), Jane (Annie Jones) is on cloud nine until she receives a text from former flame Des Clarke (Paul Keane), informing her that he’s on his way to Erinsborough. Jane is clearly thrown by his sudden decision to fly from Perth, totally unaware that Nicolette, after having a conversation with Paul (Stefan Dennis) and about learning everything that happened with Jane earlier in the year, has pulled some strings to get Des to Melbourne, all in an effort to help fix her mother’s heartache.

With the minutes ticking down to until Des arrives, how will Jane react when she learns of Nicolette’s meddling, in a true Mrs Mangel move? Will this be a case of two steps forward one step back, or could things finally be moving forward for the mother-daughter duo?

But more importantly, what will happen when Jane and Des come face-to-face for the first time onscreen since their wedding in March?

This is certainly one episode that fans won’t want to miss.