Conspiracies lead to Chaos at the Cocktail Party

Tonight’s episode kicked off where we last left off, with tensions mounting at the cocktail party.

Although Juliette grabbed Locky to explain why she was absent on the group date, Roxi convinced herself that Juliette was using it as an opportunity to throw her under the bus. This created a buzz in the mansion and, in an attempt to clear up the rumours, Laura approached Juliette to ask if her group of girls were up to mischief.

As Areeba and Locky settled into their chat, Locky heard Roxi crying and set off to comfort her. Areeba was furious that Roxi was emotional about not getting enough attention from Locky, despite already receiving a rose.

Having waited the whole night to have some alone time with him, an emotional Areeba excused herself from the cocktail party and later at the rose ceremony, Zoe-Clare and Clare were sent home.

The next day, Osher showed up with a date card for Irena that read: “I want a relationship like a vintage wine. Will we get better with age?”

Locky and Irena spent the day fencing and flirting and realised how in tune they were with each other. With Irena’s competitive streak, they were able to play as mates, but they also had incredible chemistry.

Irena told Locky that she aspired to have a love story like her parents, and thought that above all else, a relationship should feel easy. Similarly, Locky admitted that he was taken aback by how strong his feelings for Irena were and that she made him want to look towards the future.

Without hesitation, Locky offered Irena a rose and cemented his feelings for her with a kiss.