Neighbours December 4

Neighbours December 4

It’s been one crazy year on Ramsay Street, and the finale tonight is no let down, packing quite a few surprises into 22 minutes.

Tonight’s jam-packed episode sees Paul face corruption charges for his part in the Freestyle deal. But an even bigger shock is received when Shay reveals her true identity.

Elsewhere, the day of Toadie’s surgery arrives and it’s a stressful event after a run in with Belinda, who is less than thrilled to discover that her relationship with Steph, her patient, has been reported. But Toadie’s in for a fearful surprise just as he goes under anaesthesia

Finally, Paige finds herself rebelling against Mark’s request to end contact with Michelle, resulting in her being struck with more than she bargained for. Will Paige see in the New Year?

You don’t want to miss this final episode of 2015, which is certain to have you sitting on the edge of your seat!

Neighbours airs 6:30 pm tonight on Eleven.