Biggest Loser temps Contestants with 20k

The Biggest Loser found it’s final five last night in a very interesting way.

After winning her place back at Camp TBL last week, Sam Hailwood has been eliminated from TBL Families for the second time.  

The contestants came face-to-face with their former selves when they completed a race wearing the weight they had shed during their time at Camp TBL. It was an emotional final challenge which saw Tony Jofre win Immunity for the final weigh-in, guaranteeing him a place at Finale. But for the other contestants, there were still some hurdles to overcome.

With a $20,000 cheque on offer in exchange for leaving the competition, the contestants were faced with one last temptation. For Sam, this dilemma was a familiar one, having turned down $20,000 in week two of the competition.

Acknowledging the tough competition from her fellow housemates, Sam made the difficult decision to take the cash prize and leave Camp TBL forever.

Sam said: “Leaving Camp TBL, I’m completely different to that person who walked through these doors three months ago. It’s been an amazing journey. I’m so much healthier and I’ve got such a positive outlook on life.

“This definitely was the best way to end my TBL journey. I’m now $20,000 richer and I’ve done everything I possibly could in this house.”

During her time on TBL Families, Sam went from 109.3 kilograms to 88.3 kilograms, losing a total of 21 kilograms or 19.21% of her body weight.

TBL Families heads into the penultimate episode of the season 7:30 pm  Tonight with the Jofre family of four being joined by the black team’s Tenealle Auvale in an intense weigh  in