NCIS and NCIS LA return to 10

NCIS and NCIS LA return to 10

Fans of US crime dramas NCIS and NCIS LA will get fresh new episodes on Tuesdays from next week.

NCIS kicks off the night with episode 10 of season 17 which aired in the US in December.

North Pole

Ziva returns to seek the help of Gibbs and the team. Gibbs last saw Ziva after she had outwitted the terrorist that wished her
dead. She told him that she had one more thing to do before she could put the experience behind her, and return to her family. The team agree to help Ziva , but at what cost?

9pm Tuesday on 10

NCIS LA will kick off a brand new season straight after. This is season 11 which began in September in the US.

Tonight, NCIS: LA meets JAG. The NCIS team embark on a dangerous mission seeing them ban together to negotiate a volatile ISIS situation, which could result in a declaration of war.

Callen and Sam join forces with Navy Captain Harmon Rabb Junior to apprehend ISIS spies aboard the USS Allegiance. Hetty partners with Marine Luitenant Colonel Sarah Mackenzie to neutralise a missile attack in the Middle East, while Kensi and Deeks are trapped in a mobile CIA unit in Iraq whilst under attack by ISIS.

10PM Tuesday on 10