Footy, Friends And Forbidden Items.

Footy, Friends And Forbidden Items.

Last night I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here! delivered another jam-packed episode.

In January 2014, Rhonda Burchmore was awarded an Order of Australia medal for her outstanding service to the community. And she ate impala anus.

Tonight was the funniest and most entertaining trial we have seen across six seasons of the show. And with the devastating and indescribable destruction happening across Australia at the moment, we could do with a laugh.

We treated Rhonda, Charlotte Crosby and Erin Barnett to a three-course meal, jungle style. But this was no Michelin-starred restaurant. Not unless a lamb brain tickles your taste buds?

The celebrities were gifted their luxury items. But not before they were forced to hand over their contraband.

From teabags and coffees, to an eye mask and eyelash brush—I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here! HQ did a massive sweep. The biggest question on everyone’s lips? How (and more importantly where) did Miguel smuggle all those pomelos?

The celebrities’ luxury items ranged from practical to the downright wacky. Tanya Hennessy, Miguel Maestre and Nikki Osborne clearly thought ahead for what would work best in a group, bringing in podcast equipment, polaroid cameras and a paella kit. As for Charlotte’s shewee… well, that’s just taking it too far.

Miguel has a man crush on Ricky Martin He told the group about how he missed a call from the superstar Puerto Rican. Waiting around to no avail, the Spaniard decided to have a shower. Turns out he missed his phone, and Ricky, by just a couple of minutes. Talk about the mother of all 101 voicemails.

AFL champion Dale Thomas opened up to Erin about the highs and lows of his football career. While he admitted it was good coin, he said the pressure and expectations on footballers is too much. He also believed there is a sell-by date for players once they reach a certain age.

And whilst it was all girl power in camp with Myf Warhurst and Erin’s, and Charlotte and Tanya’s, evolving sisterhoods, Billy Brownless had some interesting things to say about girls and football.

 Tonight  Rhonda, Charlotte, Erin, Tanya, Ryan and Myf compete in the blockbuster trial, Hellympic Games.