My Kitchen Rules has its first elimination for 2019

Last night My Kitchen Rules hosted its first elimination for season 10.

Karito & Ian faced Josh & Austin in The MKR Restaurant.  Colin returned to mentor the teams as they served up a three-course meal for the judges and Group 2 teams (the strangers weren’t involved)

Karito and Ian served up an  Entrée: Empanadas Main: Frijoles Colombianos con Arroz de Fideos (Colombian Beans with Rice) and Dessert: Lemon Slice

Josh & Austin’s menu consisted of  Entrée: Beetroot & Goats Cheese Main: Jambalaya and Cornbread Dessert: Sweet Potato Pie with Vanilla Cream

When it came to the judging Karito & Ian were first to receive their verdict.  Their empanadas entree  had perfect pastry while the main had  inconsistencies between the plates when they ran out of time to plate up and one team was left without a main  but it was pleasant to eat. Ian’s Lemon Slice was deemed restaurant quality.

The brothers entree had a mixed reaction  “I really enjoyed the combination of the beetroot and the goats cheese in this dish…it was a good entree, it wasn’t perfect though,” Pete said.

The main, jambalaya with corn bread, was praised for its taste but the rice was overcooked. the dessert was widely praised for its balance of flavours.

After it was all devoured the brothers won the battle with a score of 90/140 while Karito & Ian left with a score of 84/140