Justin Lacko Farewells The Jungle.

As the finale inches closer I’m a celeb keeps up the shocking departures.

After 30 days of being stripped of life’s lavish luxuries, cut off from the outside world, given basic food rations and thrown into the South African jungle, the final six celebrities are officially going a little loopy.

From morning sing-alongs, impromptu camp dance routines and a remastered version of Silent Night courtesy of a tone-deaf Justin Lacko, it’s clearly time for these celebrities to jump back into civilisation and in and around an all-you-can-eat buffet.

On the topic of food, Angie Kent opened up to camp bestie Richard Reid about a childhood battle with bulimia.

In an open chat , a brave Angie talked about the addictive disease, how it started and, most shockingly, how her father didn’t and still doesn’t know about it.

Later, camp chat turned to relationships.

Justin and Yvie Jones discussed what they are attracted to in a partner. Whilst Yvie said it was lean and tall men that tickled her fancy, Justin said he now prefers women with a little more meat on their bones.

Australia’s favourite honey-voiced newsreader Sandra Sully is beamed into camp via a telly screen to run through a series of headlines the celebrities have missed during their four week jungle stint.

The celebrities were shocked to hear of the ferocious Townsville floods and there were cheers with word that US Vogue Editor Anna Wintour took on Prime Minister Scott Morrison for his views on the LGBT+ community.  But the celebrities were the most stunned and divided to find out that ex-campmate Ajay Rochester had stripped nude on national radio for a measly $1000.

In a bulletin closer to home, Sully set the tears in motion with some personal news around Angie and Yvie’s beloved pups and Shane Crawford’s sons.

In tonight’s classic Houdini-style escape trial, Deep Trouble, Richard and Luke Jacobz were shackled in a remarkable tank of terror filled with water and various jungle critters. In a race against the clock, the lovable duo had to franticly find and collect keys in their respective tanks and pass them through a hole in a wall divide to their fellow camp mate to unlock their deadbolts before their tanks overflowed.

Later in the show, Dr. Chris and Julia announced that International model/reality star and controversial campmate Justin Lacko was the ninth celebrity to be voted out of the jungle.

Tall, dark, handsome, and with a jaw that could break through glass, the 2019 real life version of Derek Zoolander was a total season standout.

Justin had viewers, and his fellow campmates, in hysterics over his adorable naivety about the world around him and his complete lack of social awareness.

From mispronouncing the native language of different countries, to thinking philosophers were “philosophists”, the most awkward moment came in a conversation with Yvie, when he described overweight people as annoying.

While the ex-Love Island contestant was open to romance in the jungle, his initial attraction to jungle beauty Angie Kent was short-lived, with the pair locking horns on several occasions. Never fear, his adoration for lip balm and smuggled-in hairspray ensues.

Justin was open about rumours surrounding his sexuality. Speaking to resident guncle and unofficial life coach Richard Reid, Justin revealed how sexuality speculation had affected his relationship with his family, notably his grandmother.

As well as being chosen as deputy leader of the camp by Shane Crawford, Justin was awarded the world record for most publicly voted in trials in I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here! history. He was also awarded the title of “Human Wheel Of Emotion” by the public, a label he was not as fond of.

Justin competed in a whopping 13 trials, the most memorable being Sunday Slam, where he grazed his nose and thought his modelling career was over.