My Kitchen Rules farewells another team

My Kitchen Rules farewells another team

Last night My Kitchen Rules said farewell to the instant restaurant rounds with a unsurprising elimination.

Promo models Katie and Nikki were eliminated after one to many disasters in the kitchen. The girls served a risky entree og  Chicken livers with potato rosti and garlic spinach. Judge Pette Evans praised the dish saying “I love livers and you managed to cook them beautifully. I loved the aioli. That with the livers was sensational,” he said. But, in awarding a 5/10 for the dish, he added: “Livers are a tick. Rosti is a cross. It’s burnt basically. One of you should’ve made the decision that it shouldn’t have gone on the plate. It was actually terrible.”. Despite dividing the table the girls managed to convert Lloyd   “Never having had them before, I think I quite like liver because it was intensely meaty,” he said.

The main of n of pork cutlet with bacon sauerkraut and onion knodel was a hit with Manu.  “Like the entree there’s a lot going on this plate. But this time it’s making a lot more sense. I really enjoyed all those flavours. The pork perhaps is a little overcooked and you left a lot of rind on the outside which is not even cooked. The sauce, I would’ve loved a lot more,” he said in scoring a 7/10. Pette agreed

“I think you did a really good interpretation of good honest home cooking from that part of the world. No matter where you went on the plate it was just yum. I won’t say it was the best pork I’ve ever had, but it definitely wasn’t dry. The crackling – save the best for last – that was worth 10 points there,” he said in scoring 8/10.

The desert of  kick-ass apple pie with burnt butter ice cream had a mixed reaction from the judges.  “The kick-ass element for me is the ice cream,” said Manu. “I love the flavour of the burnt butter. The pastry is not short enough and I find the apple a little watery.” Pete agreed the ice cream was “sensational.” “ But the sauce failed to please of because it wasn’t incorporated into the cooking of the apples.” Both judges scored a 5/10 for the dessert.

After Kat and Andre gave the girls a one for their restaurant experience it was a tearful goodbye as the girls who polled just 52/110.

Tonight teams enter Kitchen HQ  for the first time with Robert and Lynzey, Carol and Adam, Will and Steve and Eva and Debra all scoring immunity for topping there group instant restaurant rounds. The remaining ten teams will cook breakfast for 200 campers.

My Kitchen Rules airs Monday to Thursday at 7.30pm on Channel Seven.




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