Bondi Rescue Returns

Bondi Rescue returns next week and it’s celebrating a very special anniversary.

Ten years ago the boys of Bondi Rescue burst onto our screens, saving lives and bringing their larrikin Australian personalities to the screen.  Bondi Rescue returns with as much excitement, suspense and insight as ever, as well as plenty of surprises.
It’s shark season on Australia’s east coast and this summer has seen more sharks and shark attacks than ever before. When a large bull shark swims close to beachgoers, lifeguards are forced to sound the alarm and clear thousands of frantic swimmers from the water.
A miscommunication between lifeguards leads to panic as they search for a swimmer lost in the surf. And viewers meet Mario, Bondi’s first ever Italian lifeguard. It’s sink or swim for the Roman as he faces his biggest test yet.

7:30 PM Tuesday on Ten