My Kitchen Rules Cook off overshadowed by Josh

In what was meant to be an episode focusing on a cook off it seemed all the attention was on Josh last night.

Court and Duncan  and Mell  and Cyn  fought off in a epic battle.

Court and Duncan plated up an entree of fried chicken with pickle and hot sauce, a main of pork and mushroom broth with soba noodles, and dessert of yoghurt panna cotta with chocolate.

Mell and Cyn had a  menu of roasted beetroot risotto with goats cheese and thyme oil, beef fillet with tempura oysters and parsnip puree, and vanilla bean ice cream with passionfruit curd and tuiles.

Court and Duncan were plating up some of the best food on My Kitchen Rules so far Karen Martiani  described the couple’s fried chicken entree as a “perfect, perky, delicious little starter”. MANU Feildel said that a little more salt in the crumb coating the chicken would have made it 10 out of 10.

But it was Court and Duncan’s broth that had the judges salivating. “This is what we expect in sudden death,” Pete Evans enthused. “It is one of those dishes that you just want to go back for more and more.”

The only downside for the loved up  pair was with their dessert when the raspberry coulis wouldn’t cool in time and they were forced to leave it out.

The panna cotta is beautiful and soft and rich but I feel like I want something to add texture,” Guy Grossi said.

“I would have loved to have seen that berry jelly — it would have really finished the dessert,” Manu Feildel added.

Business Women Mel and Cyn had a disaster of an Entree when the risotto lacked soupiness and the rice was undercooked.  The pair’s beef main drew mixed reactions with Liz Egan saying the mineral taste of the oysters clashed with the beef.

Dessert drew more praise despite Mell and Cyn having to change tack when their passionfruit curd refused to set. They quickly whipped up meringue which saved the day.

Despite their best efforts Mel and Cyn left the competition on a score of 34 against Duncan and Courts 50.

The downside to was Josh’s snide comments that had everyone annoyed.During entree, Josh said he wanted Court and Duncan to stay in the competition so he could face them in sudden death.

“Josh might be purposefully trying to influence Court and Dunk while they cook or he might just be having another outburst, I’m not quite sure,” Tyson said. The most telling sign that he had crossed a line was when wife Amy had enough and walked away to watch the cook-off from the other side of the viewing gallery.

Josh finally tried to make up with Amy, saying “I promise I won’t say anything besides the food” but Amy was unimpressed. “You can’t help yourself,” she replied. “You always have to bark back.”