Anna Voted Out In Heated Elimination.

In a tense Elimination Arena, apprentice butcher Anna was the third contestant to leave The Biggest Loser: Transformed.

Shannan’s Blue Team struggled to find a sense of unity during their latest elimination vote.

In the Elimination Arena, Anna and teammate Brett were at loggerheads when Anna expressed her frustration at Brett not being a team player.

Later she was moved to tears of disappointment and frustration when Simmo, Brett and Lynton all revealed their votes for her to leave the competition.

Blindsided, Anna said: “I can honestly say I’ve tried my very best not just for myself, but for every single person at this table.”

On leaving The Biggest Loser: Transformed HQ, Anna said: “The biggest thing I’m going to take away from coming into the competition is you can do anything, you just have to put your energy into it.” 

Anna is currently back in Moree NSW, where she has returned to work alongside her husband in the butcher shop.