My Kitchen Rules 10th Anniversary special

On the eve of its 10th Anniversary Season, MY KITCHEN RULES is serving up nostalgia with a brand new special celebrating its 10-year history.


Next Tuesday, join judges Manu FeildelPete Evans and Colin Fassnidge, plus some of the series’ best loved and most divisive teams, as we look back at the best of MKR. 


From crowd favourites and outrageous teams, to the biggest rivalries, most memorable dishes and controversial moments, this is a revealing insight into what has made MKR one of Australia’s most popular television shows of the past decade.


Some of the winners, grinners and dinner table sinners who’ll be dishing the dirt in this tasty tribute include:

·         Beloved winning couple Dan & Steph (Season 4)

·         Texan cowboy Robert & daughter Lynzey (Season 6)

·         Tassie father and son Mick & Matt (Season 4)

·         Mouthy sisters Jess & Emma (Season 9)

·         Outspoken grand finalists Carmine & Lauren (Season 7)

·         Winning siblings Amy & “angry angry man” Tyson (Season 8)

·         Mother and son Anna & Jordan (Season 7)

They’ll even blow up some MKR myths as we honour the show’s greatest moments.


The MY KITCHEN RULES 10TH ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL premieres Tuesday, January 15 at 7.30pm,