My Feet Are Killing Me comes to TLC next month

My Feet Are Killing Me comes to TLC next month

TLC, the home of Dr Pimple Popper, brings you a new eye-popping series to get addicted to. Start the week on the right foot with My Feet Are Killing Me when it kicks off next month.

Step into the world of expert podiatrists and surgeons from the US, Dr Ebonie Vincent and Dr Brad Schaeffer. These dynamic foot doctors have never met a foot too bad to fix and in this 9-part medical transformation series they bring their warm bedside manners to the task of restoring their patients’ confidence and getting them back on their feet. My Feet Are Killing Me follows both doctors – Dr Ebonie based on the west coast and Dr Brad on the east coast – as they juggle all sorts of common and unique cases, from wart clusters and funky fungus, to toe amputations and foot reconstructions.


Each episode follows three patients – who after years, if not decades of neglect – desperately turn to Dr Ebonie and Dr Brad to fix their unusual foot conditions so they may reclaim their lives and confidence. The gripping personal stories featured include: a paranormal romance novelist who hopes to get her unwieldy and unsightly sixth toe amputated; an athlete with two dramatically different sized feet; a former professional dancer with a bunion so big she can hardly walk; a man suffering from Proteus syndrome (or the Elephant Man’s Disease) which has left him with gigantic feet; a patient with a double big toe; a nudist with severe fungus; and an adorable toddler born with 12 toes.


Tackling everything from grave ailments and cosmetic procedures to full foot reconstruction, these telegenic doctors use their expert surgical skills to fix embarrassing foot problems and change people’s lives.

My Feet Are Killing Me Premieres  Mondays from 6 April at 8:30pm on TLC