Mr & MRS Murder Starts Wednesday

Mr & MRS Murder Starts Wednesday

I have high hopes for tens new drama that’s a little bit dramatic and comedy all in one.

Tens New drarma Mr & Mrs Murder lunches Wednesday

Mr & Mrs Murder are Charlie (Shaun Micallef) and Nicola Buchanan (Kat Stewart), crime scene cleaners whose unique quirks and talents solve the most baffling murder mysteries.

Together they are a superhero. When you combine cerebral Charlie’s monumental mind for facts and figures with crime fiction guru Nicola’s deep sense of justice, observational skills, and empathy, there’s really no place for a killer to hide.

Join the dynamic duo as they tackle baffling whodunnits in the fascinating worlds of musical theatre, fashion, art, a gourmet restaurant, yachting, horse racing, golf, bodybuilding, a hip hotel, plastic surgery, an open range zoo and a country estate wedding.

Starring Shaun Micallef and Kat Stewart in 13 X one-hour episodes, Mr & Mrs Murder is a warm and witty whodunit; a murder mystery with a smile

Having seen the first episode it is worth checking out the chemistry and dialogue is sharp and witty.

Mr & Mrs Murder Wednesday 8:30 on TEN


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