More Bachelorettes meet Richie

After announcing the air date earlier this week we now have our first look at two new Bachelorettes.

Victorian beauty Alex, 24, has always followed her head. But now she has decided it is time to follow her heart and take a chance at love.

Alex comes to the The Bachelor Australia mansion searching for a down-to-earth man who can make her laugh and does not take life too seriously.

Wanting to be open and honest from the start, Alex is set to unveil a secret when she meets Richie.

Meanwhile, lover of magic, sparkles, unicorns and princesses, children’s entertainer Janey, 27, is looking for her very own fairytale romance.


Originally from Queensland, Janey’s picture perfect The Bachelor Australia experience begins when she gets out of her carriage and meets Richie, her handsome Prince, for the first time.

Aiming to make a lasting impression, Janey surprises Richie by leaving her shoe behind, hoping it will prompt her Prince Charming to seek her out at the cocktail party.

With two more beautiful women vying for his attention, just who will leave Richie wanting more?

The Bachelor Australia. Premieres Wednesday, 27 July At 7.30pm. On Ten.