Monsters Over The Bed And Other Bright Ideas.

Recycling and repurposing were the buzz words on tonight’s episode of Making It Australia, but it was lights out for Maker Robert, whose makeup light fixture didn’t have the finishing touches to secure his place in the crafty comp.

Nine Makers started the day with a Faster Craft challenge. Tasked with creating a light fixture out of recycled and discarded materials, our Makers were ready to get lit!

From Dan’s vintage telephone chandelier to Denise’s glow in the dark lace corset, the judges were blown away by the Makers bright ideas. Scrap metal sculptor Andrew’s deer’s head light fixture, featuring 1920’s lightbulbs found on his family farm, drew the judges in like a moth to a flame, and saw Andrew win the challenge, and a patch.

In the Master Craft, Makers were challenged with repurposing old and discarded items into a functional piece of furniture. Letting their imaginations run wild, our Makers set out to create everything from bedheads to breakfast bars.

Graphic designer and mum, Rehana, repurposed an old dresser into a monster-over-the-bed bedhead for her son, who isn’t scared of anything. With a friendly monster face, tentacles, a tongue cushion and even some fuzzy monster feet, the judges were beyond impressed, and awarded Rehana her second patch of the season.

Artist Robert turned an old piano into a dresser and makeup table for his great grandmother, who taught herself how to play piano. While the judges loved the sentiment behind his piece, the finishing touches weren’t up to Robert’s usual standard, and he was sadly sent home.

Break out your resort wear and grab yourself a daiquiri! Tomorrow night on Making It Australia, the Makers create a backyard oasis. 


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