Millionaire Hot Seat gets refreshed

Millionaire Hot Seat gets refreshed

Millionaire Hot Seat is getting a makeover from  today and introducing some new features.

Millionaire Hot Seat is revamping its internationally recognisable set and introducing The Switch. 

  The Switch will allow contestants playing for the tantalising final question to switch questions and get a second chance at landing the life-changing million-dollar prize. The Switch lifeline will be available as a provisional special option from April 13 to May 8 this year.

Commenting on Hot Seat’s success, Eddie McGuire said: “The best thing you can get from being the host of Millionaire Hot Seat is when people send you postcards from the trip of a lifetime, or if they’ve been able to clear debts from the prize they’ve won on the show.

Millionaire Hot Seat airs 5:30pm weeknights on Nine.



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