Million Dollar Island First Look

Million Dollar Island First Look

Attention all players: the game is about to begin! Million Dollar Island, a revolutionary new social experiment where the rules of society don’t exist, is coming soon to Channel 7.

In a ground-breaking concept, 100 people will try to stay on a remote desert island for a chance to win $1 million. But surviving the harsh conditions with limited means won’t be their only challenge.

To win their fortune, contestants must get it from someone else – and be willing to do whatever it takes. Stealing, deception and disorder quickly become the rules of engagement. 

Nurses, garbos, farmers, real estate agents, parents, retail workers and more will leave the real world behind as they scheme and fight for the $1 million prize. But where will they draw the line? Will humanity win over, or will the lure of a life-changing fortune triumph? 

Million Dollar Island is hosted by Ant Middleton and produced by award-winning Eureka Productions, the maker of some of the world’s biggest entertainment shows, including Seven’s Farmer Wants A Wife.  

Million Dollar Island Coming soon to Seven and 7plus


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