Ignore Temptation & Sunken Ship

Ignore Temptation & Sunken Ship

Cue the tissues as everyone’s favourite TV mum, Debra Lawrance was farewelled tonight from the South African jungle. With the celeb numbers witling down, it’s going to be an emotional week in camp!

Campmates put Harry on the spot and asked him point blank if he’d made a decision about competing for gold in 2024 Paris XXXIII Olympic Summer Games. Immediately Harry confirms yes, he’s ready and keen to go for gold and yes, the celebs helped him come to that decision. With a spring in their step, everyone was absolutely chuffed they had a hand in helping out the young sportsman with his future.

In the trial Stinking Ship, Aesha got down and dirty trying to find stars for camp. Knowing she had to jump off the ship before it ‘exploded’, she pocketed seven stars and jumped as the clock bombed out with not a second to spare.

Showcasing her incredible acting talent, Debra ran an acting class NIDA would be jealous of, running the celebs through a voice exercise which, in reality, looked like some weird cult ritual.

Deb also found comfort in accepting her age and that the right acting roles would find her. She claimed she may not be the most beautiful actor, but her craft spoke for itself and she’s thankful for all she’s already done.

Going deep with Deb tonight made it all the more sad when Dr Chris Brown and Julia Morris entered camp to break the news she was to leave. After making an impact by openly discussing the grief of miscarriage with Liz and Aesha to revealing she took Hollywood actors Heath Ledger, Melissa George and Isla Fisher under her wing during their time on Home & Away, Deb would be missed by all.

On departure, Deb chose Woody, Nathan and Domenica to take part in the Beam Me Up trial tomorrow night, plus another celebrity will be farewelled from camp.


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