Mikkayla exits Big Brother

Mikkayla exits Big Brother

Last Night Mikkayla exited The Big Brother house.

Mikkayla received the least amount of votes to save, and Tahan came out victorious. Boog bucked the trend to survive her first nomination for eviction as an Intruder.

Nicknamed ‘the cat with nine lives’ for her ability to dodge eviction (until now), Mikkaylas aid an emotional farewell to Mr Clooneybefore heading to the eviction show stage. As revealed by Sonia the voting results were:

Mikkayla         25.0%

Boog               26.7%

Tahan             48.3%


Mikkayla said to Sonia of her time in the House, “Although it’s sad that it’s over now, it’s so fulfilling and I’m so excited.  I was 100% myself the whole time, some people didn’t like that, some people did.”

When she was shown who nominated her, Mikkayla said, “I know I’m bossy… gosh I’m a teacher.  It doesn’t surprise me, I’m surprised how it doesn’t affect me personally.  It’s a game.”

Among the topics of discussion was her sometimes Friend but mostly enemy  Tahan, Mikkayla said, “She’s one of the most interesting and strong women I’ve ever met.  She’s a machine, a gun.  So unapologetic about everything she says and does, It’s what makes her her.  Besides, she’s freakin’ gorgeous – who wouldn’t be jealous of that.   I have so much respect for her and I’d tell her that a million times… The last couple of weeks I’ve started to think she might win.  It’d be great, hilarious if she won.”

Tonight the housemates do Face to Face Nominations.

Big Brothers airs 7PM weeknights  on Nine



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