Big Brother Delivers face to face nominations

Big Brother Delivers face to face nominations

Big Brother changed the game again and decided to provide a new nominations tactic.

Housemates were told to “stand and deliver” their points face-to-face and explain why.  Receiving the most amount of points from their fellow Housemates, Jade alongside ex Intruders Boog and Madaline were nominated for eviction.

With no Super power in play this week, the Housemates were called to the Diary Room to nominate their chosen Housemates and give a brief explanation.  Once all nominations were placed safely inside the nominations box, Big Brother delivered a bombshell to the House, saying “Big Brother Nominations are secret…until now. No more Diary Room, no more Chamber, Housemates it’s time to stand and deliver. One by one you will stand and face your fellow Housemates and inform them all who you have nominated and why.”

With Tahan escaping the nomination bench this week, Boog said that it should be renamed the Boog bench. Being nominated for a second week in a row, Boog received some varying feedback from the Housemates who nominated her. Madaline said of her two points for Boog, “I’ve connected with you least in the House”. Jade said of her one point for Boog, “It gives me a fighting chance (If I’m up against you on the bench)”. Strangely, Tim’s three points for Boog were explained in a less strategic fashion, with Tim saying, “You wee’d on my peas”.

Jade also had some interesting feedback from her fellow Housemates, with both Tim and Drew revealing that Jade’s penchant to enforce the rules was wearing thin, with Tim saying, “I don’t like it when you make a fuss about me catching bugs”, and Drew begging, “If we break a rule here and there, let it go!”.


Here’s how to vote to save your favourite Housemate:

SMS – to save JADE, BOOG OR MADALINE text their name to 199 55 999.

Phone – phone the below number of the Housemate you want to save:

JADE –           1902 55 95 06

BOOG –         1902 55 95 17

MADALINE – 1902 55 95 18

Big Brother airs weeknights at 7PM ON nine


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