Middle Eastern Mates Make It To The Mat Too Late.    

Middle Eastern Mates Make It To The Mat Too Late.    

With Teams leaving Greece and heading to Izmir, Turkey (now known as Türkiye), they left behind one crucial element in the form of host Beau Ryan, who was isolating due to the COVID 19 pandemic.

Forging ahead, Teams hit the ground running and got their shimmies on with a modern twist on a belly dance, complete with floating Isis wings.

Hubbies Pako and Mori left in first place, racing to their Magic Carpet Ride Detour unaware Angel and Frankie were hot on their heels.

Despite a set back with a fender bender in their cab, Angel and Frankie rocked their carpet ride and raced with Pako and Mori to the Road Block featuring… sheep intestines.

When Kelly and Georgia got to the challenge, vegetarian Georgia refused to take a penalty, handled the sheep guts and then downed a cooked plate of it without missing a beat.

Carrying Gerek aka Turkish bagels, Kelly and Georgia pointed out Crystal and Reem weren’t completing the challenge properly so they had to start again, sending them to the end of the pack and getting eliminated from The Race.


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