Michael Meets his Match on MAFS

After a tense and emotional Commitment Ceremony, some couples are licking their wounds.

For SARA and TIM it’s a time of self-reflection and growth, as SARA writes TIM an apology letter. CASSANDRA and TRISTAN seem to be taking steps backwards after CASSANDRA reveals he slept on the couch last night. CASSANDRA is feeling deflated about the lack of kisses, cuddles and affection from her husband.

Half of the couples receive a surprise in the form of an invitation to an intruder wedding.

It’s time to meet a familiar face in groom MICHAEL, who was meant to be half of one of the original couples, but his dreams were crushed when his match pulled out. John and the experts didn’t want this to be the end for MICHAEL, so they went back to the drawing board and after an extensive search, reveal they have found him a new match.

As MICHAEL prepares for his wedding day, his new match is still a mystery, and will be unveiled the moment they meet and marry at first sight.

As a nervous MICHAEL waits at the end of the aisle, his new match STEPHEN is finally revealed. The attraction is clear from the start as they banter and flirt their way through the ceremony – family and friends are all taken by the obvious connection.

Meanwhile, psychic medium and new bride MADELEINE is preparing for her big day. As she sits in the makeup chair, she gets a psychic download from her spirit guides about her new hubby. Her husband-to-be ASH is down-to-earth with a heart of gold and the grounding force MADELEINE needs.

When they meet, ASH is blown away by MADELEINE’s beauty and is happy with the pairing. MADELEINE on the other hand, isn’t so certain and takes some time to warm to her new husband. At the end of the ceremony MADELEINE gets a psychic download about ASH raising alarm bells for her.

As they take their newlywed photos, MADELEINE can’t hide the fact she’s questioning her new nuptials and refuses to smile for the camera, but once ASH reveals he saw a ghost at his Airbnb her mood completely changes as she realises he’s open to the spiritual world.

At MICHAEL and STEPHEN’s reception they bond at the head table, but after separating to mingle, MICHAEL’s friends accidentally reveal to STEPHEN that MICHAEL has a couple of ‘baby mamas’ which shocks STEPHEN, who and sets off to ask MICHAEL what this all means. After a simple explanation by MICHAEL, STEPHEN and his siblings all fall in love with MICHAEL and are overjoyed with this match.

Meanwhile, at MADELEINE and ASH’s wedding, CASSANDRA and TRISTAN aren’t in a good place – CASSANDRA tries to talk to TRISTAN but he’s frosty and it’s awkward. They make small talk, but when CASSANDRA says she’s ‘bored’ TRISTAN is offended as he feels he’s the one making all the effort, and an argument ensues. CASSANDRA walks off to the toilets crying.

Back at MICHAEL and STEPHEN’S wedding, when MICHAEL reveals that STEPHEN wasn’t his first match, STEPHEN is sent into a spiral that he’s just MICHAEL’S ‘fill in’.


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