MAFS Final Wedding is Here

MAFS Final Wedding is Here

t’s 5 weeks into the experiment and the morning after the weddings of our two newest couples. Despite a promising start, MICHAEL and STEPHEN’s wedding ended with STEPHEN learning he is not MICHAEL’s first match in the experiment and left him questioning whether he should be here at all. STEPHEN is still battling his insecurities about the news, but both husbands are hopeful a honeymoon in Tasmania will help them regroup and settle.

For newlyweds MADELEINE and ASH the mood is upbeat too, as they pack for a honeymoon in Ulladulla on the Southern NSW coast. Psychic medium MADELEINE’s eccentricities were a lot for ASH to take in and he’s hoping some alone time will help him get to know his new wife on a deeper level.

Back at the apartments all is not so well, as after five weeks of trying, CASSANDRA and TRISTAN are in crisis. The couple have been fighting since MADELEINE and ASH’s wedding when a conversation about their dating life triggered TRISTAN. But CASSANDRA is adamant the real issue is their lack of intimacy which has been impacted by TRISTAN’s low confidence and failure to take the initiative. As tensions escalate once again, TRISTAN storms out leaving CASSANDRA at breaking point.

Some of the original couples receive an invitation to the final wedding in the experiment.

Meanwhile, this year’s newest couple to be matched are preparing for their big day, and the experts have responded to psych nurse RIDGE’s plea to find him a partner as he declares he is ready to leave his party-boy ways and settle down. But will 26-year-old single mum JADE live up to his sky-high standards?

JADE has been a single mum for eight years and wants to get married to create a safe and secure home environment for her 8-year-old daughter, V. But will a ready-made family be a step too far for this happy-go-lucky groom? The experts know JADE has a fun-loving side too and hope RIDGE can help bring joy to her otherwise mundane mum-life. 

The pair are initially attracted to each other but RIDGE’s jokes and gimmicks in the vows divide opinion. While his fun banter is a crowd pleaser there is a lingering concern – is RIDGE mature enough for JADE and her daughter?

Revealing to RIDGE that she had a child proves the ultimate test, but when RIDGE unexpectedly responds in a mature and humbled way, JADE is left feeling confident that her new husband is in fact ready to settle down and could be just the grounding force she needs.

Back at the apartments after receiving a call for help, Expert John pays an emergency visit to CASSANDRA and TRISTAN to help them tackle their communication issues for once and for all.

For the three new couples, it’s time to dive into married life on their honeymoons.  JADE and RIDGE arrive at Port Stephens in Northern NSW while for MICHAEL and STEPHEN, a luxury city break in Hobart Tasmania proves fertile ground for unpacking STEPHEN’s insecurities and forging new bonds.

And in Ulladulla, MADELEINE and ASH are off to a great start until a walk around the property goes horribly wrong.


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