Messiah Review

Messiah Review

Netflix is kicking off the new year with the thrilling original series Messiah.


The story of Messiah opens with the intense Battle for Damascus. A strange men, Al-Massih (Mehdi Dehbi), starts preaching that enemies will feel God’s wrath. A few minutes later, a massive sand storm hits the area. In the US, CIA officer Eva Geller (Michelle Monaghan) is watching a news report on the incident and her interest is peaked. Eva sets out to discover if Al-Massih is really a divine entity or just a deceptive con artist capable of world-wide chaos.

Throughout the ten-episode first season, multiple perspectives are inter-woven into the narrative, including that of Israeli intelligence officer Aviram Dahan (Tomer Sisley); Texas preacher Felix Iguero (John Ortiz) and his daughter Rebecca (Stefania LaVie Owen); Palestinian refugee Jibril (Sayyid El Alami) who leaves with Al-Massih, believing it is his destiny; joining Jibril is his friend Samir (Fares Landoulsi) who believes it may be a mistake; and journalist Miriam Keneally (Jane Adams), who covers the story and as a result may have to face some of her own secrets. Also along for the journey is FBI agent Will Mathers (Wil Travel), an army veteran-turned-FBI JTTF agent who finds himself at loggerheads with his CIA counterpart.

Messiah was created by Michael Petroni (The Book Thief) who wrote the first two episodes of the series, laying the groundwork for a suspenseful binge that will have you questioning everyone. The scripts are gripping, thought-provoking and unstoppable. Casting is key and Messiah is perfectly cast – Dehbi is captivating while Monaghan brings Eve to life with a ferocious performance.

Full of questions, this religious thrill-ride is well-worth the time.


4 Stars

Messiah premieres on Netflix New Year’s Day.