A Robinson Reunion For Christmas

A Robinson Reunion For Christmas

Neighbours left fans with a cliffhanger no one saw coming on Friday, and now Erinsborough is gearing up for a drama-filled Christmas.

For those not keeping up, Friday saw Paul (Stefan Dennis) agree to murderous son Robert’s (Adam Hunter) request for a lower security prison closer to Erinsborough, which will allow him to form a relationship with daughter Harlow (Jemma Donovan).

When we pick up tonight, Paul is already starting to regret striking the deal with Robert. He said he’d do anything to save David (Takaya Honda), but it feels like he’s opened Pandora’s Box bringing Robert into their lives. David, Leo (Tim Kano) and Amy (Zoe Cramond) have an awkward first meeting with their half-brother at the hospital when he arrives for the third and final test to see if his kidney is in fact a perfect match for David.

Meanwhile, Harlow promises Paul she will stay away from the hospital, but it’s clear she’s not totally agreeable with the decision.

Will Robert be the match David so desperately needs, and will Paul be able to stick to his end of the bargain? All these questions will be answered, but one thing is for sure – this story is far from over.

Neighbours airs 6:30pm weeknights on 10Peach.