Meet the first four Bachelors after Sam’s heart

Meet the first four Bachelors after Sam’s heart


Ten has released the first sneak peeks of four Bachelors in the running for Sam Frost’s heart.

Among the Bachelors vying for Sam’s heart are international model David and musician Will.

 The Bachelorette Australia - David, 31, Victoria

Melbournebased David has spent the past decade working on modelling shoots all over the world. Now he is looking to find his perfect match and add lasting love to his portfolio. Accustomed to a competitive environment, this Bachelor is not afraid to voice his opinion. After meeting the 13 other Bachelors vying for Sam’s love, super-confident David said: “These guys are going to have to lift their game a little bit.”


The Bachelorette Australia - Will, 31, Western Australia

When he is not brewing coffee as a barista, West Australian eccentric rocker Will spends his time playing with his band and working on his art exhibits.

A good guy at heart, he thinks he loses out to the “bad boys” when it comes to love and is hoping to change his luck. With his quirky sense of humour, love of irony and relentless sarcasm, this Bachelor is sure to stand out. Why did Will apply to be part of The Bachelorette Australia? “It was either the show or stay at home being single and lonely. Being thrown into a pit with a bunch of other dudes fighting over the last woman on earth seemed like a good idea,” he said.

If Sam doesn’t like David or Will she also has  professional football player Michael, 34, and construction manager Sasha, 30 to choose from.

The Bachelorette Australia Michael, 34, QLD

Michael has travelled the world, playing top-level football in Australia and throughout Europe. His next goal is to find a love like his parents, who recently celebrated their 42nd wedding anniversary.

Michael has a simple plan to impress Bachelorette Sam: “I’ll just be myself. Last time I checked, there is only one of me on the planet.”

The Bachelorette Australia Sasha, 30, NSW

Construction manager Sasha has been an over-achiever since his teens. The former school captain and academic played representative rugby in England before returning to Australia to project engineer multi-million dollar developments. Sasha says he has done well in life but would trade everything for love.

A gentle giant, Sasha was left smitten after meeting Sam: “She is absolutely stunning. When I saw her standing there in the red dress with those big blue eyes, she looked amazing.”

The Bachelorette kicks off 7:30 pm, Wednesday September 23 on Ten