60 Minutes Sept 13

60 Minutes Sept 13

This weekend 60 Minutes goes undercover in China, looks at a mothers incredible gift and does another story on William Tyrell.

Undercover in China”
What you’ll see on 60 Minutes this Sunday will leave you gobsmacked. It’s Australia’s next drug crisis and experts say it will be larger and more devastating than the ice epidemic. Synthetic drugs are powerful, mind-altering chemicals, and they are killing Australian teenagers. They are designed to mimic the effects of cocaine, ecstasy and marijuana – some are 60 times more potent than LSD, but your first hit could be your last.

No one knows the devastation of this clandestine world better than Perth dad, Rod Bridge, who lost his son Preston to a synthetic drug two years ago. Rod set out on a quest to discover where these killer drugs were coming from. In this special investigation, 60 Minutes follows Rod on his undercover mission that leads him all the way to the drug bosses of China. They are the biggest producers of the synthetic drugs which are flooding into Australia undetected on an unprecedented scale.

Rod bravely wears a listening device and hidden cameras through several dangerous meetings with the drug bosses. It’s a rare glimpse into this sinister world.

60 Minutes will be offered at least 5 different types of synthetic drugs in various meetings for import to Australia.

The drug dealers demonstrate how they pack the drugs to get past the Australian Border Force – in fact they think our Customs is a joke.

The drug lords will offer 60 Minutes 200 kilos of one drug alone, and multiple quantities of other drugs.

60 Minutes will reveal how delivery is guaranteed within 7 days, and if not, you get your money back.

Reporter: Liz Hayes
Producer: Stephen Rice

For My Daughter

The love of a parent for their child is like no other. You’d do anything to guarantee your child’s happiness and health. Antonietta Di Maggio has just done this for her daughter Claudia. Claudia was unable to have children, so Antonietta made the ultimate promise to her daughter – the gift of motherhood. At the age of 53, 27 years after giving birth to her last child, Antonietta carried and gave birth to Claudia’s child: her own grandson. It’s an incredible act of love and devotion from a mother to her daughter. And now that Claudia is a mum herself, she can understand the power and depth of her own mother’s extraordinary love.

Reporter: Karl Stefanovic

Producer: Garry McNab


Where Is William?

Tomorrow marks one year since little William Tyrrell disappeared from this Grandmother’s backyard. Dressed in his favourite spider man outfit he vanished in the blink of an eye. This past week has seen extraordinary developments in the Police investigation. Hundreds of new pieces of information have been received, and one of the persons of interest, Bill Spedding, has issued his own video statement denying any involvement in William’s disappearance. This Sunday 60 Minutes speaks exclusively to Detective Inspector Gary Jubelin.

Reporter: Michael Usher

Producer: Laura Sparke


8:30pm Sunday on Nine