Meet Farmer Sam

Meet Farmer Sam

Five new, hard-working Aussie farmers are about to begin their quest for love as the new season of Australia’s #1 dating show, Farmer Wants A Wife,

Farmer Sam, 25, from Canowindra, NSW, is hoping to find real love the old-fashioned way after trying his luck with a dating app only to match three ladies in a 150 kilometre radius – and find out one was his next-door neighbour.

The middle child of seven siblings, family is everything to sheep and crop farmer Sam. Raised on the family farm, he hopes to watch his future children grow up on the same lush pastures he did. 

The keen horseman is looking to build a future with a fun, loving and intelligent woman who has a great sense of humour and shares his passion for farming and adventure.

“I haven’t found love yet. I’m the only single one in the family,” says Farmer Sam, who insists trust is a must-have in any relationship. “When you go to family events, they say ‘Are you bringing anyone’ and I say ‘Nup, just myself!’.”

The road to love is never easy, and the gravity of making the wrong decision is not lost on Farmer Sam, who will welcome five ladies to his beloved farm in a bid to get to know them better. “The thought of sending your potential wife home is terrifying,” admits Farmer Sam, who will romance his chosen ladies with dream overnight dates and luxury country getaways.

Get ready for a brand new crop of Farmers on their search for the one. Farmer Wants A Wife, the world’s most successful dating show is coming soon to Channel 7.


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