Big Brother serves up intruder shock

Big Brother serves up intruder shock

Last night on Big Brother, six intimidating intruders gave the Top 10 housemates the surprise of their lives.

After the initial shock, the original housemates began to see the potential plus sides to the new contenders, and with only four spots in the house up for grabs, the intruders set out to prove they have what it takes.

In the intruders’ challenge, muscle man Mitch released the beast within, becoming the first fully-fledged housemate.

Then it was up to the originals to choose which of the five remaining intruders would be next.

While Christina favoured hottie Brenton, others looked to Gabe, who would be no physical threat. It was former rivals Daniel and Jess who found themselves on the same page and had the final say, with 53-year-old social powerhouse Adriana becoming the second intruder to score a place in the house.


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