Matty J Meets The Parents

The Bachelor had a few surprises up his sleeve last night, as we edge even closer to the finale.

Four lucky Bachelorettes were invited on a special group date for a day of cooking and conversation.

When Elise, Cobie, Simone and Jen arrived at the location for the date, Matty surprised them with the news that after weeks away from home, one of each of their parents would be joining them.

Elise’s dad Phil, Jen’s mum Leanne, Cobie’s dad Brad and Simone’s mum Lorraine were overjoyed about the chance to see their daughters.

With each family duo in charge of cooking a meal for the group, it was Elise and Phil’s seafood dish that scored her extra time and a rose from Matty.

Tara was chosen for a Moroccan-themed second single date. Their first activity was tea tasting, before a belly dancer arrived to teach them how to shimmy and move their hips.

Many laughs later, Matty and Tara settled down to talk about their relationship. Matty told Tara he thought she was beautiful and the more time he spends with her, the better it gets.

Tara opened up about how happy he makes her and they both agreed they could see a future together, which led to a kiss and a rose.

Upset about not being chosen for a single date, Jen devised a plan to catch Matty’s attention at the cocktail party.  Knowing the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, Jen surprised Matty with a selection of delicious, hand-made desserts.

While he dug into the treats, Jen did not hold back from quizzing Matty on whether or not she had been friend-zoned.

After not spending enough time with Matty, it was Michelle, who did not receive a rose at the rose ceremony.

On her departure, Michelle said: “Matty’s a great guy and I’m not holding anything against him for not spending time with me. I wish him all the best.”