Matt goes on his first date of the season as a mass exodus hits the mansion

Matt goes on his first date of the season as a mass exodus hits the mansion

Off the back of the first ever rose ceremony, the competition between everyone was already heating up and was set to get even hotter, with a surprise instore for both Bach Matt and the Bachelorettes.

But first, Osher appeared at the mansion with a single date card. Cue the green-eyed monster for the other girls when Sogand was chosen to set off for a romantic time with Matt.


Noticeably nervous, Sogand met Matt in front of a helicopter. Jetting off for a scenic flight, they landed in a forest where they had a glamourous costume change, before being serenaded by an orchestra.


Enter the wine, cheeseboard and after a vulnerable D&M, the first single date of the season was sealed with a rose and a lingering kiss.


Upon her return to the mansion, Sogand set the girls on edge by revealing every saucy detail of her date with Matt, leaving all the girls, especially Emma, completely gutted.


A new day dawned bringing a new surprise. Not only did Matt take the Bachelorettes on their first group date, we met the late arrivals! Rocking up to an empty mansion, eight newbies were met by Osher. Making themselves at home, the girls settled in, ready for Matt and the girls to return to get the party started.


Back at the group date, both Bach Matt and the original Bachelorettes were oblivious to the drama that was about to unfold. Leaving the group date with a rose was Chelsie who was clearly the stand out of the group’s time together.


Returning to the mansion, Osher let everyone in on the secret he had been cheekily harbouring. With a rose ceremony scheduled for that night, Osher revealed the original Bachelorettes would be watching on as Matt met the late arrivals.


Settling in with popcorn, the scene was set as the original girls prepared to throw out quick fire comments about each of the new girls.


First up was children’s entertainer Julia, arriving with her ukulele and singing Matt a song.


Next was fashion designer Monique who was quick to reveal that she is a tom boy, teaching Matt some boxing moves with the other girls looking on.


Tensions ran high as it was quickly established that Nichole and Monique were doppelgangers, with sparring between having only just begun.


Matt then met Sam, Jess, Renee and Tara, before Nikki arrived in a cheerleader outfit. Last to arrive was Danush who gifted Matt some Persian sweets. With Persian rival Sogand looking on, battlelines were clearly drawn between the two beauties.


At the cocktail party, Monique made time with Matt her priority and stole him away for a chat first, ruffling all the feathers of the other Bachelorettes.


With Sogand already holding a rose, she made it her priority to distract Danush to impact her time with Matt.


Emma chatted with Abbie about the new competition and panicked it was impacting her chances with Matt. Abbie on the other hand decided she wasn’t worried and was confident in their connection.


At the rose ceremony, Sogand and Chelsie were safe amongst the soon to be mass exodus. With only 17 roses to give out, six Bachelorettes were sent home; originals Georgie, Hannah and Tash, alongside late arrivals Danush, Sam and Tara.