Infinity Train is coming to Stan

The highly anticipated new mysterious animated Cartoon Network series Infinity Train is coming to Stan next weekend.

Created by Regular Show writer, Owen Dennis, Infinity Train is a wild adventure filled with puzzles and peril at every twisty turn of events. Developed through Cartoon Network’s award-winning Global Artists program, the original short spurred immediate attention with over five million views on YouTube since launch and Infinity Train fans (who influenced whether the show would be made into a series) are eagerly waiting to jump on board.

Infinity Train follows Tulip (voiced by Ashley Johnson), a headstrong 12-year-old girl, who must use her wits to uncover the train’s many secrets – and hopefully return home. Tulip’s mind-bending journey will find her forging friendships with One-One (voiced by Jeremy Crutchley), a robot with dueling personalities, and Atticus (voiced by Ghostbusters star Ernie Hudson), the canine king of Corginia. But with new surprises awaiting in every car, will Tulip ever find a way off the train?

‘Infinity Train’ premieres in Australia August 10, 7pm only on Stan with all 10 episodes dropping at once