Matt breaks down some walls

Matt breaks down some walls

After being surprised at who the Bachelor alumni chose as a dinner companion, Matt set his sights on getting to know what the future could possibly look like on The Bachelor Australia.

Picking Helena up for their second single date, they drove into a field set up with a physical timeline. With the idea being to lay down a future for themselves, Matt kicked things off which led to Helena freaking out at the thought of what lay ahead. Revealing she was concerned about getting her heart broken, Helena took a moment away from Matt and the activity.

Back at the mansion, the remaining ladies chatted about Helena still having her walls up Stating that she needed to use her time wisely, they were all unsure how things would pan out.

At nightfall, Matt surprised Helena with a romantic bath under the stars, complete with a giant moon. With her feeling seemingly back on track, she said: “It’s honesty the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen in my entire life.”

The pair settled into the bath for a serious chat. Revealing she had never had her heart broken, Helena admitted the whole experience so far, was really scary. Trying to put her mind at ease, Matt reassured her that she was there because he wanted her there. With all doubts cast aside, Matt awarded Helena with a red rose and a kiss.

Tensions between Abbie and Elly from a previous cocktail party continued to simmer, with Elly vowing to tell Matt about how Abbie wasn’t showing him her true self.

Arriving at the group date, Osher revealed they would be painting a self-portrait. To help them discover their true selves, Osher introduced Art Simone, a drag queen to help the ladies paint their inner queen.

Determined to get the extra time with Matt at the end of the day, Abbie set up her art space next to his. The pairs constant flirting had the other ladies wishing the date away.

Seeing Chelsie struggle with her painting, Art Simone pulled her aside to get to the bottom of how she was feeling. Crying, Chelsie admitted she had never felt good enough for anyone in past relationships. Spurred on by their revealing chat, Chelsie returned to the class encouraged to show Matt the real her.

When the time came for the group to reveal their inner queen, it was Chelsie who really nailed the brief and scored the extra time with Matt.

During their alone time, Matt needed to get to the bottom of Chelsie’s doubts about her selfworth. Encouraged by his support, she revealed the best things come from taking a chance and she could see herself falling in love with him.

At the cocktail party, the ladies decided on the order in which they would chat to Matt. Elly was determined to go first but Abbie had other plans and nabbed him as soon as he walked in.

Wanting to get her time with Matt, Elly interrupted the pair and sat down to tell Matt that Abbie wasn’t there for the right reasons. Matt then turned the tables and questioned Elly if she was there for the right reasons, to which she responded: “Yep, I sure am.”

Back amongst the ladies, Elly was miffed that Abbie had no regard for what the other bachelorettes wanted. Confronting Elly, Abbie told her she was there for Matt and she would always put him first.

At the rose ceremony, Chelsie and Helena were already holding roses. Panicking about their connection, it was Abbie who was chosen last and a surprised Kristen was sent home.