Masterchef June 1-5

This week Masterchef looks to be full of desserts 

7:30 Sunday Top 17 Mystery Box

The contestants enter the kitchen for another Mystery Box challenge, but there’s a twist. The top three dishes will compete for immunity while the bottom three will face elimination.

7:30 Monday Pressaure Test elimination

In an intense pressure test, the three contestants must recreate a dish made by the co-head chefs from leading Melbourne restaurant Saint Crispin. Who will be safe from elimination?

7:30 Tuesday The Third Immunity  Challenge

With immunity up for grabs the three contestants battle it out with cheese. Who will get the chance to cook for immunity and go up against celebrated chef Matt Stone?

7:30 Wednesday Market Team Challenge 

The contestants are tasked to create a four-course dessert menu, with each team needing to prepare 10 serves of each dessert to the judges. Which team will go head to head in the elimination?

7:30 Thursday Elimination cook off and Masterclass 

The losing team from the off-site challenge will compete in a time-auction elimination challenge and one contestant’s dream will be over. Also, we end with a sweet Masterclass that’s all about dessert.