60 Minutes June 1

Here’s what is in store  on 60 Minutes this week.

World’s Biggest Family
This Sunday, a story that couldn’t get much bigger. A story which proves that no matter how many places you’ve been, the world can still throw up surprises. Tara Brown has just visited a family in a far flung backblock of India. It’s a family with a big difference; it’s the biggest family in the world. If you think your home life is occasionally chaotic and often expensive then wait till you see this. There’s Mr Ziona, his 38 wives, their 94 children, their 33 grandkids, and they all live under the one roof! They’ve got their own school, football stadium, and an omelet for the family dinner requires 480 eggs!
Reporter: Tara Brown
Producer: Gareth Harvey

Turia Pitt
Turia Pitt is unstoppable. It’s now three years since she was horrifically burnt in that Kimberley bushfire while competing in an ultra marathon. When we last caught up with her, Turia took a huge leap of faith and removed the black face mask she’d worn since that terrible day. This Sunday you’ll see just how liberating it has been for Turia. She’s competing again – on the bike and in the water. And now, for the first time, she’s returning to the remote outback where her life changed forever. For a woman who has overcome so much adversity, it will be the ultimate test of courage.
Reporter: Michael Usher
Producer: Ali Smith

New Hope
Parents will sacrifice everything to give their children the best chance at life. And right now, 35 Australian families are in Canada for one last shot at helping their kids with learning difficulties, to read, write and add up. It’s a giant leap of faith: they’ve left their homes, their jobs – and often split their families – to enroll their children in a program that, on the surface, looks nothing like education. The Arrowsmith School in Vancouver is all about re-wiring the brain, so that kids with conditions like dyslexia can, for the first time, learn how to learn.
Reporter: Charles Wooley
Producer: Stephen Rice

8pm Sunday on Nine.