MasterChef Australia Season Five –The Great Wall Challenge

Tonight’s challenge is a unique one- the present contestants simply have to make a dish identical to one created by their eliminated counterpart. Only problem- there’ll be a massive divide between them!

Also, I only just realised Clarissa was not invited back! Or Totem!

The contestants arrive at the kitchen where the judges reiterate what is up for grabs- a spot back in the competition or the eliminated contestant and an immunity pin for the present contestant. Today, they can cook whatever they like- except for the conditions stated in the introduction. They will have to use their communication skills to plate up two identical dishes.

They get one visit to the pantry and one trip to the veggie garden and fifteen minutes of planning. By the way, the teams are the same as yesterday! Kelty & Jules want to do a wanton soup. Dan & Noelene are doing a fish curry. Daniel & Pip want to do something delicate but ‘dude-foodie’. Vern & Nicky are doing a broth with scampi.

Their cooking time now begins. Noelene and Dan are probably the most problematic when it comes to the communication. Pip and Daniel also struggle with Pip unable to comprehend every detail Daniel gives her. 30 minutes down, 30 minutes remain.

Vern and Nicky are now working on their dough for their pasta. They struggle with the recipe to begin with, but finally work things out.

Dan & Noelene get on to cooking their rice. Noelene’s technique involves cooking the rice in a pan. It doesn’t work for Dan so he goes back to cooking it in a pot. Will it work?

Lynton & Liliana prepare to plate up by turning their plate into a clock! Five minutes remain. Jules and Kelty also plate up quick and finish early. Dan & Noelene came up with a plan to plate beforehand so no problem here- though Dan’s fish does break up a bit!

Daniel & Pip’s communication begins to break down. I’m sick of Pip saying ‘Dan, Dan!’ Bloody hell, Daniel- ANSWER HER!!! In the end, Daniel’s lack of communication skills lead to the two having completely different plates. Nicky & Vern also have trouble communicating.

Time is soon up and the judging begins.

Vern & Nicky are first with their noodles, broth and scampi. The dishes look identical, which is an initial positive. The noodles are great for both dishes and they’re both delicious however Nicky’s broth is slightly more salty.

Kelty & Jules are next with their chicken dumplings. Their dishes don’t look the same with Kelty’s broth a completely different colour to Jules’. They do taste indistinguishable though. The textures are a bit different.

Daniel & Pip are next. This should be interesting. They did squid with puree and salsa. The dishes look completely different. They taste very different as well.

Stuffed chicken breast is on Xavier & Neha’s menu and they are similar in taste and flavour!

Kelty & Samira follow with their Kibbeh Nayeh, again very similar.

Liliana & Lynton’s clock design played off with their Rib Eye steaks. The cooking of the steaks is very close and the dishes are a hit.

Last are Noelene & Dan with their Vietnamese Thai Fish Curry. A few differences in look. The tastes and textures are different as well. Oh dear!

It’s now time for the results where someone will be out of this competition with the eliminated contestant going home and the present contestant out of the running for an immunity pin. The team out of the competition are… Daniel & Pip.