MasterChef Australia Season Five – The First Finals Week Elimination

MasterChef Australia Season Five – The First Finals Week Elimination

It’s going to be a race to the finish as the final five contestants are whittled down to the final three. Tonight, one will go, but who will pave their way into the final four?

The final five turn up and the judges tell them that today, they will all be assigned mentors. They are Matt Stone, Matt Germanchis, Ryan Flaherty, Adam Da Silva and Jason Jones.

Christina is paired with Stone, Emma is paired with Germanchis, Lynton is paired with Ryan, Rishi is given Adam leaving Samira with Jason Jones.

They have 90 minutes to cook a dish of their choice. Their mentors will get fifteen minutes to help them create a dish. Samira, after winning last night’s challenge, gets an extra five minutes with Jason which she can use at any time in the 90 minutes.

Lynton is doing a souvied lamb rack with all fancy frills. Ryan wants Lynton to finish the dish fifteen minutes early so he can eat it and plate it again. Christina is doing a cauliflower soup- a simple but not-so-simple dish. Rishi is doing a spatchcock. Emma is doing a fish dish! She has never prepared a dory. She does well though.

1 hour remains. Samira is doing a stuffed roasted spatchcock. She puts some sauce in the blast chiller to cool down, but it’s frozen! Not good. Samira is also struggling and decides to use her five extra minutes with Jason. He’s a great help.

Rishi pulls his spatchcock out but it’s still raw. Luckily he still has 15 minutes left on the clock. Lynton plates his mock plate and while it tastes good, it distracts him from the actual plating and he leaves his lamb cooking for a little too long.

Samira takes her spatchcock out but it’s raw. Five minutes to go. She cooks it on the stove.

Rishi plates up but it is a bit messy. Everyone gets their dishes done and it’s now time for tasting.

Samira is first with her Stuffed Roasted Spatchcock. They love it. Nothing more to say- a knockout winner. Matt believes it almost announces her as a winner of MasterChef.

Emma’s Buttered John Dory is next. The balance of flavours is brilliant. We have yet another spectacular dish.

Sous Vide Lamb Rack a la Lynton is third. They love it but the lack of resting time for the lamb is noticeable.

Rishi has plated up Mughlai Spatchcock. The plating has let it down but it is yet another standout dish.

Christina’s cauliflower soup is next and she has a big smile on her face. Matt criticises the lack of technique. The judges don’t think the soup was the best. Gary loves it, but seems to only compliment the presentation. That won’t get her through.

In the end, Christina’s soup wasn’t enough. She is sent home.


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