Jasmin Departs Big Brother

Jasmin Departs Big Brother

The excitement of a united house has come crashing down around the BIG BROTHER Housemates tonight, when the third eviction show of 2013 saw 24 year old flight attendant from Melbourne, Jasmin, evicted from the BIG BROTHER House after receiving the lowest percentage of public votes.

During last week’s nominations, Jasmin found herself in the firing line with her fellow Housemates as they felt she was trying to please everyone instead of being 100 per cent honest with her beliefs in an attempt to ensure everyone in the House was on her side.

“In the [BIG BROTHER] House, you lose concept of the outside world, and you think way too much. I had no idea the devastating effect my kiss with Ed in the spa had on Jade … I was in here for a good time and Mum said before going into the House, a pash is just a pash,” Jasmin told host Sonia Kruger on stage.

Ben, Mikkayla, Katie and Lucy, Matthew and Tahan will breathe a momentary sigh of relief spending another week in the House, before tomorrow night’s live nomination show which will see another six Housemates face nomination causing them all to question their alliances and fight to stay in the House.

Jasmin was evicted with only 6% of the audiences save vote Tahan and Matthew were equal with 13% Mikkayla on 15% . Sisters Katie and Lucy had 22% while ben still has a huge following with 31% of the vote

Tune in tonight at 7pm for the live nomination show on nine


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