MasterChef Australia Season Five – The Contestants Dream On

MasterChef Australia Season Five – The Contestants Dream On

Dreams week continues on MasterChef with the weekly team challenge. Who will fail at the latest challenge and see themselves in elimination?

The contestants head to Josie Bones, the restaurant opened by MasterChef 2009 contestants Chris and Julia.

Today, the contestants have to feed the regular customers of the restaurant. The teams are:

COW: Emma, Lynton, Christina

PIG: Samira, Lucy & Rishi

Lucy and Lynton are the captains for their respective teams. Each team will make three dishes- two of which will be created in Chris’ signature style while one will be a veggie dish. They have 3 hours of prep time. The team that impresses the judges the least will head into elimination.

The contestants will have to cook deboned pig trotter with chicken moose filling and mash, Kangaroo Carpaccio with pine nuts and bone marrow croquets. They will also cook hanger steak with horse radish and goat cooked in mountain goat beer and onion curry sauce.

Their three hour prep time begins. The blue team are the ‘cow’ team and they will cook the latter two dishes. The red team are the pig team and will cook the former two dishes.

Rishi begins the prep on the pig trotters which do take a long time- even just burning the hairs off is a chore. Luckily Lucy will be helping but right now all she can do is clean potatoes!

Christina works on her team’s curry, but it’s too spicy. Their team already hits a problem! She can’t even find yoghurt to cool it down with!

Samira is making two-way pumpkin- roasted and pureed, for her team’s veggie dish. Emma is making a pearl barley with root veg.

Chris is really hammering into them. He’s come a long way!

Meanwhile, Christina has saved her curry! However, the small kitchen is now causing problems with Lucy taking too long near the ovens, stopping Samira from using them.

Lynton’s blue team are at least doing really well right now with the red team struggling a bit. Rishi and Samira have a bit of an argument. Lucy on the other hand is just cruising along. Seems the blue team are out on top heading into service.

Lucy begins slicing up the kangaroo but it doesn’t look good. MasterChef 2009’s Julia and business partner of Chris’ turns up to help service. Everyone begins panicking as people begin filing into the restaurant.

The first dishes go out and the initial reaction is praise from the customers. The criticism seems levelled at the red team. The blue team begin to slow down though as the contestants lose focus. Their steaks catch alight and their customers are left waiting. The red team are now looking better.

The red team’s dishes are first. They are immediately drawn to Samira’s salad. To the kangaroo dish and the croquets are a bit hit and miss. They can’t see the Carpaccio. The pig’s trotter is a bit jelly-like for George but Gary likes it. The salad is the real winner of the red team’s forte.

To the blue team and the hanger steak is well received. Gary likes the caramelisation of the sauce and the egg. The goat dish is also a winner. Matt loves it. The braise is well received by George.

To the barley dish and it is another winner but there’s a lot of salt.

To me, it’s quite an obvious winner.

And it’s confirmed when the red team are sent into tomorrow’s elimination.


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