MasterChef Australia Season Five – Once Contestant’s Dream Comes To An End

MasterChef Australia Season Five – Once Contestant’s Dream Comes To An End

By the end of tonight, the final five will be revealed. Who has done enough to make it to the final week of MasterChef Australia 2013?

Today will be a pressure test set by Darren Purchase and MasterChef 2012’s Kylie Millar. Darren has brought a raspberry, chocolate, rhubarb and ginger-clad dessert. Lucy will love this. There are at least a trillion different techniques. To top it all off, it’s steaming with coldness!

They at least have three-and-a-half hours, but that just shows the complexity of this challenge. The recipe has 61 steps over five pages. Even Lucy is freaking out!

Rishi is actually doing quite well- he seems to cope very fairly under pressure. He’s streets ahead of Samira and Lucy, the other two contestants competing in elimination. Samira over whips her crème which will set her back more time than she actually has.

Two hours remain and for now, the contestants are really only struggling to stay on time. No major disasters. Lucy claims to be losing it due to time constraints. Samira at least feels as if she’s catching up. She is concentrating on proving her buns right (three different proving times are needed for the babas) after not doing so got her eliminated last time.

But all of a sudden, confident man Rishi has made a mistake- he’s added the wrong type of ginger liquid to his jellies which has turned them white! Cue panic mode!

Luckily, he is able to rectify things and gets himself back on track.

Samira goes to colour her dome of…whatever that is (it goes over the mousse)…and it turns out to be pink when it should be red!

Time for plating. Oh dear! It all seems to go well.

Rishi is first for tasting and the presentation is pretty good, but not perfect. It has a good taste but Matt misses the ginger in it.

Samira is next. Hers looks smashing. Some discrepancies in the positioning of her oozy mousse. The baba is a hit! SHE REDEEMS HERSELF! The jelly is too hard and the colour of her dome does not go unnoticed.

Lucy is last. Queen of dessert! The plating is much different to the original plate- but they love it. The baba is a little bit blonde. It’s too doughy and dry. The domes are unbelievable.

Very close call, who will it be?

Because, all of a sudden, the baba means everything on the plate, Lucy is going home. So there we have it- top 5 are Samira, Rishi, Emma, Lynton and Christina!


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