Marley fast tracked to finals with huge game advantage

Tonight on Big Brother, with the finish line close and numbers dwindling, paranoia was high.

After hiding in plain sight, Sid was ready to cut some deals, telling Christina he was open to making a big move against buddy Marley.

Christina spilled the beans and when Marley discovered Sid’s betrayal, he locked in a secret deal with Danny to get to the final three alongside Tilly.

In a nail-biting nominations challenge, Danny towered above the rest to win his first ever individual challenge.

But Danny wasn’t nominating for eviction – he had to choose two others to go up against him in a vote to win the Big Brother eye, an advantage offering immunity at either of the next two eviction ceremonies.

Danny chose SJ and, to Ari’s surprise, Marley, with a view to solidifying his top three deal.

Danny made it clear he didn’t want the eye and SJ did the same, realising too late she’d shot herself in the foot.

In the eviction room, floater Ari held the power “as per ushe” and voted for Marley, who found himself holding an advantage set to blow the game apart.


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