Can this sheepish farmer find love?

Can this sheepish farmer find love?

It’s almost time for five new, hard-working Aussie farmers to embark on their quest for everlasting love when Australia’s #1 dating show, Farmer Wants A Wife, returns to Channel Seven.

Meet Farmer Will, the sheep and cattle farmer from Longwood, Victoria. He’s an honest and energetic, down-to-earth bloke who loves a party but also likes his downtime. Growing up on a 1500-acre cattle farm, the extreme sports lover has travelled the world, but dreams of returning to the family farm to raise a family of his own. 

Will prefers outdoors to indoors, loves the company of animals – over some people – and likes to cook. He says he has everything he could want for: a beautiful farm and an amazing family. All he needs is a soulmate to share it with. 

“Love to me is everything. They write songs about it, they write poems about it,” says the 39 year-old. “Two of my friends, Rob and Jo, met on Farmer and they’re happily married. They have three lovely children. If they can find the one, hopefully, so can I.”

There’s one slight hitch on Will’s path to love. “I can be a bit shy around women I like. I’m usually the guy hidden in the corner keeping to himself,” he says.  

Will this shy guy give romance a chance long enough for true love to spark? “I’d be ecstatic to find the love of my life,” says Will.


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