MAFS Homestay Week Begins

It’s Homestay Week, where the remaining six couples will get a glimpse into the world of their significant other when they journey to their hometowns.

Before they take off, the couples are still coming to grips after an explosive final Commitment Ceremony, where Bronte and Harrison did a shocking about face by deciding to stay for another week.

The experiment’s most solid couple, Tahnee and Ollie reflect on their surprisingly emotional couch session where Ollie reveals his insecurities triggered by Tahnee spending time with Rupert in the Partner Swap Challenge. Ollie’s display of vulnerability won over Tahnee’s heart and earnt the respect of the other couples.

As the couples set off for their homestay destinations, Alyssa and Duncan are yet to start packing. Alyssa and Duncan are still processing the aftermath of last night’s couch session where Duncan opened up about his worst day in the experiment. Alyssa was blindsided by Duncan’s revelations and questions why he did not share his feelings with her earlier. 

Alyssa and Duncan’s issues continue to mount at Homestays when, during a catch-up with Alyssa’s mother’s group, Alyssa reveals she will have limited opportunities to see Duncan outside the experiment due to her child. This crucial information catches  Duncan completely unawares and he’s rendered speechless.

The next day Alyssa and Duncan meet with Duncan’s sister, Renee. Duncan is uncharacteristically quiet and after Alyssa leaves to pick her child up, he tells Renee that Alyssa has finally revealed how much time she can afford him outside of the experiment, and he is concerned that they’ll only have a part-time relationship. Renee knows that Duncan will address his concerns.

To mark the end of their Homestays and take stock of their relationship so far, Duncan takes Alyssa out for a date on a boat in the harbour. Duncan turns the conversation to his concerns with their relationship, including what he’s learnt during Homestays. Alyssa is confused by his questions as she thinks that they’ve had a good relationship even though there have been ups and downs. She is devastated as she was going to tell Duncan that she was falling in love with him. They end the date in separate areas on the boat, sitting in silence.

Homestay Week can’t come soon enough for Lyndall and Cameron. It’s no secret that country boy Cameron has been struggling with city living. With their relationship in question due to his lack of affection and the extent of his remote work, Lyndall is hopeful that homestays will offer her the perfect opportunity to address their issues.

But their trip quickly starts to unravel at a BBQ when Lyndall tells Cameron she’s upset that he rejected her request for a kiss, sparking a heated argument. The argument continues in front of Cameron’s mate and the future of their relationship hangs in the balance.

In Sydney’s CBD, Rupert is taking on the Experts advice and attempting to step up his romantic game and with the help of Evelyn’s dachshund dogs, Mustard and Pickles, he organises a special paint and sip date for Evelyn. Evelyn is ecstatic and loves the gesture. While they paint, sip and then paint each other, they share some tender moments and strengthen their connection.

Rupert’s attempt to court Evelyn pays off, with the pair revealing the next morning that they were intimate last night.


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