Homestay Week sees Couples Crumble

As Homestays continue, Melinda and Layton arrive in Brisbane, and Melinda shows Layton her apartment.

In Darwin, Lyndall has woken up upset after the fight she had with Cameron the previous night highlighted a big issue with their relationship. While she’s worried that the lack of affection means that they’re in trouble, Cameron says that tough conversations need to happen before the Homestay is over.

In Perth, Bronte takes Harrison to her favourite places in the city. They have a wonderful time and Bronte is thriving being back in Perth. Harrison again raises his concerns that Bronte won’t move to Sydney for him because she’s so comfortable in her home, but Bronte reassures him that she would move for love, as she has said all along.

On the final night of their stay in Perth, Bronte and Harrison meet up with Bronte’s sister Kirra for some drinks. Kirra holds Harrison to account, questioning his intentions and behaviour throughout the experiment. Harrison claims that Bronte has lied and said she would never move to Sydney, and both Kirra and Bronte claim he is gaslighting them both. Harrison leaves, furious, while the blindfold has been truly removed from Bronte who finally sees Harrison for what he is.

Back in Sydney, Ollie finally arrives at Tahnee’s Bondi home… a tiny one bedroom studio apartment. Tahnee integrates Ollie into Sydney life by taking him op-shopping. Afterwards, Tahnee takes Ollie to the beach where they enjoy a picnic.

After consummating their marriage, Evelyn and Rupert have woken up the strongest they’ve been in their marriage so far. Evelyn takes Rupert to lunch with her mother, Evon, to connect her husband with her family. Rupert nervously implies that because he doesn’t love Evelyn, he is not thinking about moving to Sydney once the experiment comes to an end. Evon looks unimpressed and Evelyn is upset by Rupert’s revelation – particularly that it’s happening in front of her mother. She explains to Rupert how hurtful his words are and he apologises.

Meanwhile in Brisbane, Melinda’s plan to take Layton on a scenic kayak down the river backfires, following an unresolved argument over Layton leaving a cupboard door open. The argument exposes deeper issues with how they each deal with conflict and whether their similar alpha personalities will continue to clash in the outside world.

To end their Homestays, Tahnee brings Ollie to a special picnic where they reminisce on the experiment and talk about their future. Ollie is excited at the prospect of moving to Sydney for Tahnee and he can’t wait to see what their future holds.

In Darwin, Lyndall and Cameron arrive at Dundee Beach. Once they’re set up around the campfire, Lyndall asks Cameron if he even likes her. Cameron expresses his troubles with showing affection and emotion, and Lyndall is hopeful that they can reach common ground as she really likes him.

After their explosive fight earlier in the day, Melinda and Layton regroup for a picnic on the cliffs of Brisbane. As they dig deep into their issues, they once again erupt into an argument. Melinda worries that their issues may be too big to resolve. As she hugs Layton and sobs, Melinda admits their relationship may never work


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