MAFS Final Vows Week Begins with Tough Decisions

MAFS Final Vows Week Begins with Tough Decisions

he experiment has come to an end and it’s time for the couples to make a decision whether or not to continue their relationship in the outside world at their Final Vows. Tonight, Alyssa & Duncan and Melinda & Layton will reveal their decision to one another. The repercussions from the final Dinner Party can be felt between both couples, with the answers to their Honesty Box questions still ringing in their ears, at a time when they most need to unite.

The reality of having to separate is making a tearful Alyssa anxiously question where Duncan’s head is at, while Duncan feels the weight of the impending decision
weighing heavily on his shoulders. A surprise viewing of their wedding day soon brings positive memories to the surface and they part with an emotional embrace.

The Dinner Party has taken an even greater toll on Melinda & Layton, who are waking up separately, after spending the final night of the experiment apart. Melinda
is hurt and humiliated after Layton’s analytical rejection of her declaration of love, while Layton’s confusion over the situation only highlights their disconnect. Watching their wedding video, although separately, reminds them both how far they’ve come and why they are so compatible.

After travelling home to Brisbane, Melinda still cannot get past Layton’s rejection. In an emotional chat to her Mum Lorraine, she reflects on her husband’s inability to
separate his heart from his mind. Melinda admits that the events of the Dinner Party have changed everything – and is in turmoil over whether she can see a future with him.

At home in Sydney, Layton meets his sister Erin, whose perspective provokes a massive realisation for him – that his inability to be emotional is the roadblock in his
relationship with Melinda.

As the sun rises on the day of Melinda & Layton’s Final Vows, Layton finally feels clear-headed. He acknowledges that his emotional disconnect has been ingrained in
him since childhood – he needs to let go of his analytical approach and learn to listen to his heart. He regrets how he behaved at the Dinner Party and hopes it is not too late to make things up to Melinda.

In an emotional rollercoaster, Layton finally letting his walls down and tearfully apologises to Melinda for letting her down. He confirms that he wants to take a chance on their relationship and confesses that he is falling in love with Melinda. Melinda admits that while the decision has not come to her easily, she believes that
they owe it to each other to give it a shot on the outside as she reaffirms her love for Layton.

Meanwhile, in their separate homes on Sydney’s Northern beaches, Alyssa leans on her Mum for counsel, while Duncan turns to his sister Renee and begins to consider what a future with Alyssa might really look like.

Alyssa reflects her time in the experiment with Duncan, and hopes to help him open when she shares her feelings with him. She has made her choice and confirms how much she wants to have a relationship with Duncan outside of the experiment.

Facing each other to confirm their decision about the future, Alyssa airs her worry that her emotional heart will clash with Duncan’s logical brain. Despite this, she is
adamant that she wants to fight for their relationship. Duncan reflects on all of the positives of the relationship. However he cannot ignore that their views on what a
healthy relationship should look like are too far opposed – so he has to say goodbye.

Alyssa is in disbelief – Duncan’s decision has come as a huge shock to her. She breaks down and sobs.


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